About Us

This idea all started by saying, “ Hey, let’s all go on a trip next summer together.”  We could spend our summer along poolside, lounging at the beach, laughing and eating, and playing games; all the while we are catching up on each other’s lives.

These kind of activities made our vacations so memorable. That is the key to being with family and friends. Now all these years later, we have taken our experiences as we traveled to some of America’s greatest beach towns and brought back our memories and ideas to beaches of New Buffalo, Michigan.  

New Buffalo Beach Club is all about having fun with family and friends.  We intend to bring you a level of service to the beach that lets you create those special life moments with the ones you love without any hassle.  Our beach loungers will be set up for you and your friends or loved ones when you arrive. All you need to do is check in. You will be given an itinerary of the day’s activities.  We will also provide you with a menu to choose your favorite foods. Life is short so you may decide to have dessert first. (smile)

We have volleyball games or cornhole tournaments, weekly family sandcastle competitions or treasure hunts. There is ALWAYS something to do at the beach. If scheduled activities are not something that interest you and you’d prefer solitude we will ensure that you are left alone so that you can rest and  relax while taking in the gorgeous view of Lake Michigan.

Remember that you never have to leave the comfort of your umbrella oasis.  We offer a state of the art call system that allows you only to press a button and our staff will come to you, take your order and deliver right to you while you relax.

New Buffalo Beach Club is the ONLY place to spend your summer if you want to make fantastic memories for life! Come join us and let us be a small part of those special days at the beach.


Dustin Harvey,
FounderNew Buffalo Beach Club Family