The Club


New Buffalo Beach Club


“The Club”

So why is this operation referred to as a “club” ? Well, we are so glad that you asked.  A club is often defined as an organization that is dedicated to a particular interest or activity.  And our interest or activity will be geared to having fun in the sun. We just want to be there to make your experience one that you’ll want to repeat.  

We want to absolutely make you our top priority!  

We want to pamper you and cater to your every whim.  We will feed you and entertain you as well. Or if you want to be alone and relax, we can make sure you have a drink in your hand and allow you to find serenity. We will create an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. We will hopefully make you feel at home and definitely make you want to return home to us.

You won’t find prettier beaches or friendlier people.  So that’s exactly why we are so proud to call this a club!  So come join our club, where everyone is a member for a small price of a smile.


New Buffalo Beach Club